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Description:     A student resource and workbook for Pre-Calculus Math 11. This publication is directly linked to the BC curriculum (as revised for September 2011). It was developed by experienced teachers whose objective was to enhance student success in the course.

It includes instruction on and descriptions of the key concepts in the BC Pre-Calculus Math 11 course. Many step-by-step examples are shown and student exercises include numerous questions building on the concepts and examples shown. All answers are included in the Appendix.

Price:                       $29.95

Authors:                  Taylor, Alan R. and Kokoshin, Bill

Edition:                  1st edition - paper
Publication date:    January, 2011
No. of pages:         335
ISBN:                    978-1-894124-43-0
Translators:          Available in English only

Grade Level:        Grade 11
Subject:                  Mathematics

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Last updated on 09/07/2011